Unal Patel

Unal Patel is a dedicated software engineer based in San Jose, California. Unal has pursued interests outside of work while building a successful career in software development. For example, he is a dedicated philanthropist who believes in giving back to the community. He also enjoys music and spending time with others who share his enthusiasm for songwriting. Learn more about this modern-day Renaissance man by reading on.

Unal Patel enjoys playing cricket with his friends when he isn't programming or planning his next project. Unal is a friendly, outgoing person who enjoys meeting new people through his hobbies. He also supports his favorite soccer and football teams while spending time with his family.

Unal Patel also stays up to date on industry news by following several blogs and websites geared toward software developers. For example, he has volunteered to build and maintain a website for a local outreach program. This job allows him to broaden his skills while serving an important nonprofit organization.

Unal Patel visits live music venues whenever possible. His preferred genres vary, but include rap and jazz. Unal studied piano and guitar in high school and college, and he still occasionally jams with other musicians.